80QAS – 80kVa Portable & Stationary Generator

The Atlas Copco QAS diesel  generator range represents a new level of efficiency for generators. This range of generators offer easy installation, high performance, maintenance efficiency and reduced noise. The QAS 80 has 80kVa of power and 19L/h (100% load) fuel consumption.

QAS portable diesel generators are are designed to be moved regularly. Whether that be a few metres or hundreds of kilometres, you can be assured of their easy, safe movement capabilities and guaranteed performance, even in the harshest conditions.

This makes the QAS perfect for rental applications and heavy duty construction use.

When you need power, maybe a single generator is not always the most efficient solution. Does the application load vary? Do you need prime power for long term projects on a remote site? Do you need a semi-permanent installation that can be upgraded or downgraded?


80QAS – 80kVa Portable & Stationary Generator Features

High-quality components
Easy to transport, install and use
Excellent accessibility and superior serviceability
Quiet generator

80QAS – 80kVa Portable & Stationary Generator Downloads

QAS Generators Brochure

Quick Spec

Prime Power
Fuel Consumption
19L/h (100% Load)
Leroy Somer