Atlas Copco QAC 1100

Key Benefits

  • Performance
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Efficient Maintenance
  • Versatility
  • Transport Efficiency

We understand your need for power, but do your power needs ever change? The QAC 1100 TwinPowerTM is a 20-foot containerized generator with 2 x 500kVA generators inside, making it perfect for applications that have variable power needs, whether that’s due to the time of day or the current usage requirements.
Because you get two generators – In one platform, you have the flexibility you need to run at 100% power load or even low power loads in the most efficient way.
What’s more, every feature you need comes as standard on the QAC 1100 TwinPowerTM.
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Atlas Copco QAC 1100 Features

Container ISO 20ft
100% Spillage Free Frame
Load Acceptance
TwinpowerTM Concept
Standard Parallel Package
Excellent Performance
Reliable Components

Atlas Copco QAC 1100 Downloads

QAC 1100 Generator Fact Sheet

Quick Spec

Prime Power
Fuel Consumption
146L/h (75% Load)